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  • Legal opinion
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IEO on the best exchanges

We’ve done 
5 IEOs

Build correct 
IEO strategy

Best conditions 
for IEO

IEO without queue 
in a short time

Help with all 
IEO preparations

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Pass free duediligence and 
get the best IEO conditions

  • Listing
  • IEO
  • Marketing
  • Legal opinion
  • Smart contracts
  • Finance consultation
  • Free due diligence
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50+ top 
crypto media

The best individual 
videos created 
by top bloggers

bounty program

New traders 
for your 

Promotion in 
Google play 
and App store

Our team has unparalleled 
marketing expertise. We 
have helped dozens of 
projects in conducting local 
marketing initiatives as well 
as full-fledged long-term 
marketing companies.

Our work is based on the 
development of partnerships 
with different people in the 
world of cryptocurrencies. We 
can help compile and place 
articles at the best prices in 
top media as well as budget 
media for both experienced 
and new projects.

We interact with more than 
30 bloggers. We are ready to 
create unique content that 
will be viewed by tens of 
thousands of potential investors, 
traders, and crypto enthusiasts.

We are ready to help you with 
the promotion of your mobile 
application. We will increase 
the number of downloads of 
your application, through 
several methods. We can also 
find for you unique users in 
world capitals who have never 
used cryptocurrency but are 
eager to try. Your application 
will be the first experience for 
them to use cryptocurrency 
which can be revolutionary. 
But doing that, you will get 
super loyal users

Community management

The community of crypto-enthusiasts has long been spoiled by the proposal of crypto- 
projects. The number of ICO projects has already exceeded, according to some estimates 
, there are more than 7,000 units so far, furthermore, at least 5 new projects are coming out 
every day. In addition, by increasing the interest in IEO, there is automatic gain in 
competition in the battle for a potential investor/trader. Professional investors as 
well as security tokens’ investors also appear on the market. In addition to the main goal, which is 
moneymaking, all these people are united in the blockchain interest and the desire to be a 
part of something really worthwhile. Therefore, the way that projects/exchanges/ wallets 
interact with their clients comes to the fore. Community and IR managements have a 
fundamental role. We are ready to help with the service 24/7 in Telegram and in the majority
of the other social media. Our team will interact with members of the community
on an ongoing basis, answering all questions, entertaining people and sharing all the 
necessary information about the project and the current state of affairs. The reality of
today is that people are willing to keep or invest only in those companies, part of
which they consider themselves. Our task is to solve this equation and make your community happy.

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marketing services

  • Listing
  • IEO
  • Marketing
  • Legal opinion
  • Smart contracts
  • Finance consultation
  • Free due diligence
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Our team

Andrey Ratov


Kristina Sem

Senior Representative

Bernardo Brites


Sendy Casella

Big Data Expert

Tres Cunningham

Project Manager

Inna Halahuz

Senior Representative

Alex Serzhanovich

Marketing Expert

Takeshi Shika

Technical Expert

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  • Listing
  • IEO
  • Marketing
  • Legal opinion
  • Smart contracts
  • Finance consultation
  • Free due diligence
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Smart Contract 
Development and audit

As you know, a lot of things depend on the security of your smart contract and it is sometimes much easier to spend some sum at the initial stage, rather than suffering from hackers’ attacks or trite problems with the performance of your coin later on. Our engineers can create a smart contract from scratch. The price for this service starts at $ 3900. We are also ready to conduct a full audit of your smart contract. We can conduct an audit on behalf of 2 companies. The first one is from Cryptomnia, and the second one is from the organization of our partner. Any exchange including the top ones will be glad to see that your smart contract is audited. Also, that will help you to avoid potential losses in the future. The price for auditing a smart contract is $ 3,900. If you order 2 audits at once, the price will be 6900 dollars since that will be sold as a pack.

Service level

Quick response 
for any question 
in 45 minutes

Clear picture before 
sign a contract with 
all small details

Satisfaction survey 
for each 

Meet deadlines 
all the time

hours 24/6

Researching and finance reporting

Our company pays great attention to the current situation in the cryptocurrency market and monitors the mood of society there. Every 2 weeks we conduct research and interview respondents on the streets of the largest world capitals. You have a unique chance to become a sponsor of this survey. By becoming a sponsor of this study, you will receive new users, traders, and potential investors for your project/application. You will also be mentioned in our study as a general sponsor. We send this research to more than 50,000 participants of the crypto market without asking for anything in return. Thus, the recipients of this study will have an increased interest and confidence in your project.

If your application is already operational and carries its own value to society and you need to attract new users, then our research service is the perfect way to promote your application/wallet. You can choose any of the 7 cities where we can conduct the research. Your application will be able to take advantage of hundreds of new users from a particular city and tens of thousands of people around the world who will receive research and will associate you as the main participant in this process. In addition, thanks to the diversification of your users across the world, your application will have a higher rating compared to other applications.

We have already used this tool with several companies of crypto wallets and the statistics show that in just 10 days you will receive 500 new downloads and registrations with real users. The cost of this service starts from $ 4,000 and in comparison with other methods of promotion it will bring your application to a completely different level. An open and honest dialogue with potential users from the very first contact brings confidence from new users to your project.

Through the researching on these cities we will find 
you new customers and will increase your brand awareness






New York


Our company is young, however, it has extensive experience in the crypto industry. In the process of company making, the decision was made that the foundation of the company will by using complete transparency and openness with our partners, clients, investors, and just friends. In this regard, on an ongoing basis, we will be sharing financial statements and reporting on the work’s progress. Each of you who reads these text lines will be able to see the monthly report starting in July. Until the 10th of each of the following months, you can download the report from our website. In the future, after we launch our coin, each of the coin owners will be able to receive a report right in the blockchain. We want to be honest with all the people with whom we interact. In such difficult and unpredictable market, these aspects are the most important components of this business’s foundation.